operation lighthouse

Oct 01 2011


I apologize for the delay in getting the operational plans up for study and so on now that the operation is over; it is out of my control as I am waiting to retrieve the notes and such from a location that I just have to wait on. That’s life.

In the interim, I’d like to remind everyone that the permanent twitter account for the people who ran this operation is @eastcoastanons .

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Sep 23 2011

enshva said: I like what i have read about this anonymous group, i have heard of you guys before but not enough to be remembered, now when i have read about your plans and attacks i have been moved, i only just read about your group and i know enough already to know that i fully support and will willfully help your group in anyway possible, i would love to hear back, anonymous or a person, either way as long as i can find a way to join or help, once again i have been moved

Thank you very much. We’re trying to build a better world the only way we know how. In so many ways the systems designed to protect us have been used against us to create an atmosphere where the authorities act without fear of accountability for their actions. In time, we hope to correct this.

I deeply appreciate your words of support, please check the update that was just posted for details on how to find out about future operations and so on. 

Again, a million thank you’s.


important announcement regarding future operations

Greetings and salutations weary internet traveler,

Today we have posted an important announcement concerning our operating twitter accounts, future plans and most importantly a point of contact for people wishing to be involved with anonymous operations affiliated with this same group on the east coast of the USA.

A cryptographically signed message is here: http://privatepaste.com/download/4ca4d9d98c/oplighthouse-announcement

The new twitter account is:

As stated in the briefing, a post-action wrapup regarding this operation will be posted soon. However beyond that these accounts will be left to the entropy of the internet.

Remember, you are allowed to be part of the balance of the world. History is happening.

Sep 17 2011

Good morning, are you ready for revolution?

The hashtags are now uploaded, along with a more user-friendly timetable and a bit more of an informative map. The later two were submitted by @Juttutin to which we owe him a significant amount of thanks.

The cryptographically signed update: http://privatepaste.com/download/ff313fb042/oplighthouse-hashtags

The better timetables: http://privatepaste.com/download/a8fab81b91/oplighthouse-betterTimetables2

The better map: http://privatepaste.com/download/1e8037ecd5/oplighthouse-betterMap

See you soon!

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Sep 15 2011

train scheduling information, FAQ, volunteer info and further instructions

The scheduling information pertaining to what trains, times and directions will be covered along with a FAQ answering some basic questions. I tried to over-elaborate and error on the side of being long-winded as I’ve kept almost everyone completely in the dark about the specifics of this operation.

Furthermore, there are minor instructions and so on. The message is cryptographically signed with the same keypair as the other ‘official’ communiques.

Cryptographically signed message:

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Sep 14 2011

ACHTUNG #anon’s : a msg regarding @AnonNCarolina

An important update concerning the account suspension/deletion of @AnonNCarolina has been posted here: http://privatepaste.com/download/d3d56f4c2e/sayHelloAnonNCarolina2

While I am not @AnonNCarolina, his identity was validated via a truth-worthy source.

Sep 12 2011

important oplighthouse update announcement

The @oplighthouse account was suspended shortly after the operation was publicly announced. While it is thought this is a temporary suspension, there is too much at risk to allow this operation to go sideways as a result of twitters arbitrary whims.

As such the following accounts are also all official #oplighthouse accounts:

@oplighthouse (currently suspended)

A copy of this message is available at the following URL and has been signed with the @oplighthouse keypair, now you know why these communications are signed:



operation lighthouse, subproject deckhand announcement

This serves as the announcement for subproject deckhand, a supporting operation for oplighthouse. It is a fully legal operation in support of the wall street occupation on the 17th and requires an internet presence at specific times on September 17th along with more general access from the 15th-17th. Parties who will be physically present in NYC on September 17th should refer to the announcement for operation lighthouse.

Signed transcript: http://privatepaste.com/download/1fa6faf8e3/subproject-deckhand

Announcement video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Oo2FoJxvKY

Twitter account: http://twitter.com/#!/oplighthouse

Further details will be made available on September 15th.

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